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Over a 25 year period, owning your own, owner-occupied office building could equate to an additional average income of $158,000 per year.

Over the same period, leasing a space from another equates to an additional income of absolutely...$0.

For full details and a breakdown of projects costs/returns, go here:

Are you absolutely sure you want to sign your landlord's lease?  You might want to think twice!

Does it sound too good to be true?  It does to a lot of people.  Except of course, those who already own commercial real estate.

Over the years, I have seen many clients lease  office space for 10-15 years before building new.  They often wonder what took them so long to invest into real estate.  The two most popular reasons I hear why they didn't:

  • They weren't aware of the benefits
  • They thought they couldn't afford it

Don't Forget: The upfront costs of leasing and building new are very comparable.

The advantages of building ownership are worth exploring.

There is a reason people own commercial real estate and lease it out, specifically to professionals like you; it is profitable.

We have outlined, in detail (excluding tax implications, as there are too many variables), the financial differences between owning your own building for 25 years versus leasing the same building from a landlord.

In the end, the owner-occupant makes $3.95 million more than the person who leased the same space from a landlord.

Why pay rent to yourself instead of your landlord?  You are going to have to pay rent to someone.  Why not to yourself? 

Make $158,000 a year for 25 years!